Day 8 of Col & Jim's USa Adventure.

On day 8 we toured Boston focussing on the Freedom Trail landmarks. In the evening we enjoyed a few beers and food at a brwery local to Fenway Park whilt the Boston Redsox played the New York Yankees just yards away.

hifenwayboston_small.jpg fenwaypark_small.jpg fenwaypark2_small.jpg fenwaypark3_small.jpg
fenwaypark4_small.jpg boston_small.jpg bostonteaparty_small.jpg bostonoldstatehouse_small.jpg
bostonoldstatehouse2_small.jpg boston2_small.jpg walkingthefreedomtrail_small.jpg oldironsides_small.jpg
boston3_small.jpg usscassinyoung_small.jpg usscassinyoung2_small.jpg usscassinyoung3_small.jpg
usscassinyoung4_small.jpg usscassinyoung5_small.jpg bostontourbus_small.jpg boston4_small.jpg
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