Day 5 of Col & Jim's USA Adventure

On Day 5 we headed back down to Niagara Falls to get some better photos without rain. After that we continued our roadtrip to Toronto where we visted the Hockey Hall of Fame and the tallest building in the world - the CN Tower.

diplomatmotelniagarafalls_small.jpg diplomatmotelniagarafalls2_small.jpg niagarafallscasino_small.jpg niagarafallsskylontower_small.jpg
niagarafalls_small.jpg niagarafalls2_small.jpg niagarafalls3_small.jpg niagarafalls4_small.jpg
niagarafalls5_small.jpg roadtotoronto_small.jpg roadtotoronto2_small.jpg roadtotoronto3_small.jpg
roadtotoronto4_small.jpg roadtotoronto5_small.jpg lakeontario_small.jpg lakeontario2_small.jpg
lakeontario3_small.jpg lakeontario4_small.jpg roadtotoronto6_small.jpg torontoskyline_small.jpg
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